Let’z Tourism

Connecting Expats, Discovering Shared Values in Luxembourg

Embark on a journey of connection and cultural exploration with "Letz Tourism," a unique project by JCI Luxembourg aimed at uniting expats in the heart of Europe.

Living in a foreign land presents an incredible number of opportunities for discovery and growth. “Letz Tourism” goes beyond traditional sightseeing; it’s about creating a space where expats can gather, share experiences, and uncover the common threads that bind them together.


Through a series of engaging events, social gatherings, and cultural exchanges, “Letz Tourism” provides a platform for expats to connect on a deeper level. Discover the rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds, languages, and traditions within the expat community while finding common points that transcend borders.


This project is more than a cultural exchange; it’s a celebration of shared values and a testament to the strength that emerges when individuals from different corners of the world come together. “Letz Tourism” is an invitation to explore, connect, and build lasting friendships in Luxembourg.


Join us as we bridge the gaps between cultures, fostering a sense of community that transcends geographical boundaries. “Letz Tourism” is your passport to meaningful connections and shared experiences in the vibrant tapestry of expat life in Luxembourg.

The TOYP 's Team