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Are you interested
in becoming a potential candidate?

Step 1

Participation in a Welcome Day session.

We organise a session every two months at QosQo at Place d’Armes.

(February/April/June/August/October and December) 

This Welcome Day session, limited to 10 participants, is an opportunity to explain in broad terms what the JCI movement stands for, what our projects are and how we operate in Luxembourg.

It’s also an opportunity to answer any questions you might have before you make an official commitment.
Enjoying the experience? Let’s move on to the next stage!

Step 2

You are officially a JCI Luxembourg potential-candidate.

You can take part in all activities except projects & missions.

This observation period of 3 months (maximum) will allow you to find your feet in the association, get to know the members and other candidates and think about the project or mission that best matches you for your first months with us.

Please note that you do not have to wait until the end of the observation period to commit yourself.

If you feel ready after just a few weeks, go for it !

JCIWC2023 - J2 - 211-min

Step 3

You are now a candidate and have access to everything JCI Luxembourg has to offer.

What better way to make a positive impact in Luxembourg than with a project?  

A mission is just as valuable as a project because you’re making your contribution to making our organisation more effective while getting experience. 

We will ask you to pay a membership fee of €150 valid for the whole year and you will be assigned responsibility for a project or mission to increase your skills and help our association grow. 

⇒ You will take part in at least one training, 

⇒ You will regularly attend our monthly meetings, 

⇒ You will fully take on your tasks in the project or mission that has been entrusted to you, 

⇒ And you will attend at least one JCI Regional or International Congress.

“A goal without a plan is only a dream”

Brian Tracy

Step 4

You are now a member of JCI Luxembourg, welcome and well done! 

Have you met the 4 criteria recommended for your first year of activity?

By becoming an official member of JCI Luxembourg:

⇒ You have voting rights at the association’s General Assemblies,

⇒ You can ask to take on more responsibility for future missions and projects developed by the association,

⇒ You can apply to become a board member of the association and sit on the board of directors. 

Is Luxembourg too small for you? You can also apply for certain responsibilities at an international level within the JCI organisation. 

⇒ Your membership fee is €300 a year, but membership gives you the right to a €250 grant to attend a regional and international congress (one application every 3 years) and your JCI Luxembourg polo shirt (value €90).