One of the 4 pillars, or areas of opportunity as we like to call them at JCI, is internationalism.
This single term sums up all the opportunities a member can take at JCI to build an international network.

Internationalism is considered important at JCI Luxembourg and its development has been a real priority since this year. We see how much our members and candidates come back transformed from this kind of experience and we want to do everything we can to facilitate access to these opportunities.


A JCI Congress program generally includes cultural and tourist visits, company visits, debating and public speaking championships, memorable evenings and of course training in personal development, communication, leadership and team management, soft skills, etc. These types of events are very popular with JCI members.

These types of events are also an opportunity to meet many other JCI members from all over the world with whom we make friends and exchange best local practices in terms of projects to perhaps one day reproduce or adapt them in our own community.

JCI Academies

The JCI Academies are certainly the best in terms of developing future leaders.

Some are very specific, such as the COC Academy organised by JCI Estonia, which provides training in organising medium to large-scale events (regional, national and even international congresses), while others aim to train the organisation’s future leaders in terms of leadership, international collaboration and personal development.

These include the European Academy organised in Sweden, the Communication & PR academy in Italy, the German, Nordic and Swiss Academies, and the Growth & Development Academy, which each year enables one of our members to rethink our organisational model.

More generally, by practising internationalism, each member of the organisation can count on the support and collaboration of another JCI member wherever JCI is present and active.

Multi-Twinning Programs

This type of programme allows two JCI organisations (twinning) or more (multi-twinning), called twins, to come together and sign an official agreement based on common objectives that will encourage each of the organisations in the programme to help each other with common issues (projects), connect their members with each other and share best practices.

Each year, a meet-up weekend is organised in the city of one of the twins to discover its local culture and the beauty of its region.

JCI Luxembourg is indeed very proud to announce the forthcoming officialisation of a multi-twinning project on the theme of the Francophonie with the national organisations of JCI France, JCI Switzerland and JCI Belgium.
The official signing is expected to take place at the World Congress in Zurich in November 2023.

Because of its very international nature, our organisation is also working to create a multi-twinning project between all the international local organisations in Europe, which should be completed in 2024/2025.