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Saïd Arnami

National President 2024

Nicolas Wiscour-Conter

Deputy President / VP Skills Development

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Leading, Together


JCI Luxembourg is part of the largest personal and leadership development organisation for young people in the world – Junior Chamber International.

It provides a range of activities and projects in four areas of opportunities

Our Vision

Empowering young leaders to act and have an impact on our community

JCI provides an excellent way to meet new people, develop yourself as an individual and at the same time give something back to the community through the worthwhile projects the organisation engages in. By delivering effective leadership development opportunities to young people, JCI helps them steer themselves, their communities, their countries and the world towards greater prosperity and lasting peace.



Individual Opportunities

To provide the opportunity for the Individual Member to realize his or her personal potential through training programs.


Business Opportunities

To provide the opportunity for members to contribute to the development of the economic infrastructure, prosperity and well-being of all nations.


Community Opportunities

To develop the sensitivity of the Individual Member to societal problems and knowledge of community dynamics in solving these problems through actual experience.


International Opportunities

To provide the opportunity for the Individual Member to contribute to the development of goodwill, understanding, and cooperation among all peoples.

Junior Chamber International

Our organisation JCI.
Think Global, Act Local.

Kaveen Kumaravel

2024 JCI President

“Let’s make a difference !”

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a worldwide network of nearly 150000 members

– young leaders in their 20s and 30s –

in over one hundred countries and territories.

Through various local, national and international projects and events, JCI members meet, learn and grow.

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