Monthly Training #2 – “Organizational Culture: from Purpose to Leadership”
with Pascal Wiscour-Conter

On February 7th, 2024, JCI Luxembourg organized its second monthly training session of the year at the Chamber of Commerce. The focus of this session? Understanding and managing organizational culture, a topic vital for modern businesses. Participants delved into practical strategies for creating thriving workplace environments. This session aimed to equip attendees with actionable insights, empowering them to nurture cultures that foster long-term success.


The training was led by Pascal Wiscour-Conter, a dynamic entrepreneur, speaker, and writer from Luxembourg. With over 20 years of international experience, Pascal has pioneered ventures in finance, software development, storytelling, and real estate. Currently serving as faculty at HEC Liège Luxembourg, Pascal is renowned for his passion for authentic communication and inspiring leadership. Under his “Pascalogy” brand, he advocates for impactful communication, team well-being, and sustainable business growth. Attendees were privileged to gain insights from Pascal’s expertise in cultivating thriving workplace cultures.


Participants learned that the way we do things together, like our norms and customs we follow, shape our organization’s culture. It’s important to have trust and a feeling of belonging among our team members, which helps us work well together and feel good about what we do. Communication is key to making sure everyone is on the same page and feels heard. We talked about how telling stories can help us share our goals and values in a way that feels genuine and makes people care.


Leadership isn’t just about one person being in charge—it’s about all of us working together towards the same goals. We learned that it’s better to focus on why we do things rather than just trying to make money or show off. We also talked about how important it is to build strong relationships within our team, starting from when new people join all the way through their time with us. Trust and support among team members make us stronger and help us achieve more together.


As we wrap up our training, we’re filled with enthusiasm and determination to apply these valuable insights within for organization culture. Fostering a culture of trust, open communication, and purpose-driven leadership, are the main insights we took with us from this training.


Looking ahead, mark your calendars for our next monthly training session, which will focus on Revolutionizing Project Management with AI: Strategies for the Future. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore cutting-edge strategies that harness the power of artificial intelligence in project management.

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