Saïd Newsletter Introduction Message

“Dear JCI Luxembourg Community,


As your National President, I’m thrilled to share our vibrant start to 2024. Already, we’ve hosted two enriching training sessions and are gearing up to launch six innovative projects. Our Welcome Day introduced us to nine promising candidates, signaling our community’s growing strength. 


The launch of our new website,, marks a milestone in enhancing our visibility and connectivity. Our impactful presence at the European Presidents Meeting in Prague and our efforts in assisting European JCI National Organisations on CYE’s program underline our commitment to both local and international growth.


Looking ahead, we’re excited about our 15-member delegation attending Francoformations in Sion, a testament to our dedication to learning and collaboration. Let’s hope to bring as big a delegation to Oulu for the 2024 European Convention! 


Together, let’s embrace this year with enthusiasm and purpose, building on our achievements to create lasting, impacting and positive change.


Warmest regards,


Saïd Arnami

JCI Luxembourg National President 2024″





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